Loving HDR

HDR means High Dynamic Range imaging. Honestly, I dont want to buy imaging software for HDR. So what i did was, I tried doing manually thru Adobe Photoshop CS3. Basically what Adobe will do to make an HDR image, is that it will merge a minimum fo 3 pictures of different exposures, A normal exposure, a high exposure, and a low exposure. I was truly amazed on this. So i tried it myself. I took a photo on my mom's room in different exposures then i merged to HDR in Adobe.

While editing, i got a prob my PC

I was kinda worried because my search box is not working. I usually use the search box when searching for files or programs on my win 7. But after the update they installed, twas deactivated! I googled for possible solutions but after minutes of doing research, here's the one that makes sense:

How to fix it manually:
1. Type regedit in Start menu search box and hit enter to launch Windows Registry Editor. Or, type regedit in Run dialog box (use Windows + R to launch Run) and hit enter to open the same.
2. Navigate to the following registry key:
3. Right-click on this sub key, and then select Delete.
4. Reboot your machine to fix the problem.
5. Done!

Or you can do it automatically, just follow these steps
1. Download the hotfix from Microsoft.
2. Install the hotfix and then reboot your machine.

The Old Mactan Bridge

This is one of the oldest bridge here in Cebu, Philippines. It is connecting the two island, Cebu and Mactan.


This book is the reason why one afternoon i ate one box of pizza all by myself!

I like the way the author described Rome. And how she indulged herself into eat anything delicious. From pastries, to pasta, to pizza, etc...

Truly, I am inspired (not just to eat pizza) to travel and discover that conflicting culture is never a hindrance in meeting new friends that will change our lives forever.

I am not yet done reading the book but this is my favorite line so far...

" I'm not sure if I misread the last line of the article, but it seemed there was some talk from the government that the only way to deal with the obesity crisis in Italy was to implement a tax on the overweight...? Could this be true? After few months of eating like this, will they come after me?

Typical cat here in the phils

A stray cat is called "pusa-kal" here in the Philippines.

Azkal here

Typical dogs here in the Philippines are usually called "Askal" shortcut for "ASong-Kalye" meaning street or stray dogs. Picture below is our very own guard dog, named "Brown" ofcourse he was named after his color.

Lost blending options after saving (Adobe CS3)

i am fond of putting some "blending options"thingy everytime i edit something on adobe Photoshop. but last night i found out that the blending options were gone after i save them. well it makes no sense if i am editing something but you cant save it afterall. i was pissed of. i went to sleep and this morning, when i got up, i uninstalled the whole program, ran the registry cleaner and then reinstalled it. to my surprise there were viruses detected. a trojan horse to be specific. so i ran my anti virus software, Avira and was hoping that would resolve the issue. But nahh...still same thing happened...now what?