Loving HDR

HDR means High Dynamic Range imaging. Honestly, I dont want to buy imaging software for HDR. So what i did was, I tried doing manually thru Adobe Photoshop CS3. Basically what Adobe will do to make an HDR image, is that it will merge a minimum fo 3 pictures of different exposures, A normal exposure, a high exposure, and a low exposure. I was truly amazed on this. So i tried it myself. I took a photo on my mom's room in different exposures then i merged to HDR in Adobe.


  1. Hi, thanks for the info about HDR. I practice HDR too but not using PS CS3. I use LR2 and only using 1 normal exposure. HDR are really amazing!:)

    1. Hey thanks...sorry i was not able to open this blog for a long time...thanks a lot :)